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10/08/2008 · hello all, just had a great afternoon. My brother drove down with his 08 Z06 and met up with XrayM5 for some discussion, engine revving and tire smoking. 25/06/2005 · BMW M5 E60 vs BMW M5 E60 Kelleners Sport. Click here. 9th Ninth race video BMW M6 vs Nissan Micra. Click here. 10th Tenth race video BMW M5 Kelleners Sport vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2006. Click here. 11th Eleventh race video BMW M6 vs Kleeman K4 E55 AMG Mercedes based 640 HP and 900 Nm. Click here. 12th Twelvth race video.

07/07/2006 · Don't pay the 5K over MSRP for the Z06. Wait a month or ask around. You should be able to find it at MSRP. Never driven a Corvette before, but I am sure the Z06 will be an exhilarating driving experience. I wish I had more time without occupants in my back seat. I don't ever remember my M5. 04/06/2006 · Either way as much as I like the Z06 for it light weight and agile performance. If I had to pick one car out of the two then it would be M6 over Z06. The ditto goes for M5 vs Z06. you cant rele compare the Vette to the M5.

18/05/2005 · I agree with you on that its not a straight comparison, but 2002Z06Yellow said Z06 wins because it was mentioned from the start about 1/4 mile times, and the Z06 does win in the 1/4 and with the M5 governed at 155mph the Z06 still wins, and dont tell me about the governor excuse, because 90% of M5 owners wont take off the governor so the Z06. 12/03/2019 · I’m talking about the C7 Corvette, a car that basically wrote history when it was unveiled. In my book, the current Stingray is the best Chevy ever made, with the ZR1 version, for example, bringing a hell of a lot of performance for the buck. In the video below we get to see the Z06 version going up against the M5 Competition.

24/09/2010 · I had some friends in town so I felt like I had a decent driver to run my M5 vs my newest addition the Z06. My M5 is RPI stage 2 minue their tune. The Z06 goes into shop today for cam an headers install but currently has formato stage 2 throttle body and. Comparatif BMW M5 E60 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 [2868]: Pour connaitre les perfs vitesse, accélérations, reprises et caractéristiques d'une voiture et la comparer à d'autres autos. 29/08/2006 · Priviate Message "M5Converter", he has a 2006 Z06 as well as an M5.and his twin brother trade off everynow and then. They will tell you about the compairison. I hope they didn't leave to go back to school yet. M5Converter was a converter from an E55.to M5. Show Full Signature "Unless this.

ZR1 vs Z06: Exterior. The ZR1 and the Z06 are very similar in their exterior design. The ZR1’s fenders are slightly wider, and are carbon fiber in the front just like the Z06. The ZR1 has a few more aerodynamic pieces like the carbon finer front splitter and larger rear wing. 18/01/2006 · I have hit 165mph indicated and I still had some rpm room to spare. Only reason I did not take it higher is that I ran out of traffic free road. Now I do not have a speed limiter and I have an 8000 rpm red line. No, you would not want to go there often, but you can. I am sure there must be a way to.

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